ESCoP preliminary satellite event: The new Journal of Cognition

In December 2016, ESCoP made the momentous decision to stop working on behalf of a publishing company and instead control our own journal. This presents the opportunity for us to create the communication platform for cognitive psychology that researchers want. We envision a journal that is free for all to access, with high-quality content that has been curated by experts and improved by constructive peer review. We are among the first learned societies in psychology to lead in publishing in the fair open-access model, and  I will be speaking and leading discussion about the new Journal of Cognition at the upcoming ESCoP meeting in Potsdam. I will be hosting a discussion about the new journal just before the conference begins on Sunday 3 September from 13:00-14:00. I plan to give an introduction to the innovative content we seek (including Registered Reports and data reports) and the benefits of the fair open access model for researchers and their universities. I will also be seeking feedback from delegates on our plans, including our plans for promoting the journals content and increasing the impact of cognitive psychology generally. All delegates are invited to attend this forum. I hope to see you there!